In the spring of 2023, a group of Loyola University session musicians decided to come together to be a part of something bigger than themselves. A funk band composed of exciting live sets, packed shows, and a strong set of electric covers quickly made this group the talk of the college scene. Under a new alibi “Uncle Jessica”, the band began collaborating with local vocalist Ava Faith. The band had never felt so complete. Shortly after bringing Ava on, Uncle Jessica hit the ground running with a new set of songs, new ambitions, and a new sense of confidence. No matter where they are playing, Uncle Jessica has the ability to entrance audiences and keep people wanting more. It could be thanks to the band's youthful energy, unmatched stage chemistry, or playlist composed of 2000’s/today and oldie hits. People of all ages find themselves singing along to their favorite songs for hours, often losing track of time. Many local venues took notice of Uncle Jessica’s captivating qualities and quickly got the band on the Frenchman Street scene, even being offered residencies. The band also got to participate in New Orleans' very first Funk Festival, which was a smash hit. Most importantly, the musicians that make up Uncle Jessica have a deep understanding and authentic love for the music and culture that makes the city of New Orleans so special. The band always leaves audience members with one question at the forefront of their mind… “Who’s Your Uncle?”.